Best external ssd for mac

So I especially value ratings left by large numbers of people. Silicon Power, Samsung, and SanDisk have drives that have received a very high number of votes while maintaining high scores. Those products are popular and have the confidence of their users. Glyph and G-Technology have even higher scores, but much fewer people left a rating Glyph was only reviewed by a few people. The remaining three are also rated at four stars or above, and are likely to be quality products.

Here is the claimed data transfer speed of each drive sorted fastest to slowest:. But there are small differences. Here are some findings to consider:. The differences are relatively small, and all are significantly faster than a traditional spinning hard drive.

The Best External SSDs for Mac

We recommend you focus on other criteria like capacity, ruggedness, and price when making your choice. USB 3. Both are suitable for transferring data to SSDs without loss of speed and are backward compatible all the way to USB 2. Older Macs may use USB 3. USB 2.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (500GB)

So given that USB-C 3. Portability is one of the strong points of external SSDs. SanDisk offers the lightest drive by far. Size sorted in order of increasing volume :. Some of the more rugged SSDs have cases that are significantly bulkier to help with shock protection.

All will be more rugged than a standard external hard drive. Affordability is an important differentiator given that we chose highly-rated drives that have roughly equal data transfer speeds. Here are the cheapest prices of the , GB, 1 and 2 TB options of each model at the time of writing. The cheapest price for each capacity in each category has been bolded and given a yellow background.

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Disclaimer: the pricing info shown in this table may subject to change by the time you read this article. The prices of the non-rugged drives are all quite close. You generally pay a little more for a rugged drive. The big surprise is the Silicon Power Bolt B75 Pro, which is cheaper than all other external SSDs in this review while still offering fast access speeds and good durability. Check Price on Amazon.

Best SSD Drives for Mac mini, iMac, MacBook & Mac Pro

But when you do, it shines from the inside too. The inspiration for the design of this drive came from a vintage German transport plane called the Junkers F.

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The engineers used a corrugated metal skin for strength. It has the thinnest case and is lightest by far. It has fast access times and is available in all capacities from GB to 2 TB, but the 2 TB version is quite expensive, so if you need that much storage I recommend you choose the Samsung or Western Digital instead, which are almost as thin. Good things come in small sizes! This solid-state drive helps you move photos, videos, and graphics-intense files within the nick of time.

Furthermore, the bit AES encryption software helps you protect all your important and sensitive files securely.

The SanDisk SecureAccess software that comes with the product takes care of this. All you need to do is install this software and simply drop sensitive and critical files into its vault. Another small flaw is that this SSD cannot be connected to car stereos, Xbox, etc. Buy from Amazon: SanDisk Extreme There you have it, our list of the top 5 external SSDs that does excellent with invariably all major software and mobile platforms. If you are looking for absolute performance within a reasonable price tag, we highly recommend you to take a look at our list.

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External hard drive storage considerations

Subscribe to us. It features folder-syncing functionality to help you manage files more comfortably. Should you think of going for proficient SSD at a competitive price, U32 Shadow would be worth a look. It delivers up to 10Gbps transfer speed which would be more than enough to let you get your work done efficiently.

Thus, you will be able to deal with your 4K videos and massive files more conveniently.

The 8 best external hard drives and SSDs for Mac and PC users in | Creative Bloq

This solid-state drive sports a lightweight design. However, it can endure drops due mainly to the reinforced aluminum housing and improved heat dissipation. This solid state drive features reinforced aluminum exterior and has curved corners which give it a modern look. The well-built design empowers it to disperse minor impact. And you can use it with both Mac and Windows PC. Plus, this flash drive is IP68 waterproof. M9 has a shock-resistant metal casing which reinforces durability. Another plus is the compatibility which helps it seamlessly work with not only your Mac, and Windows PC but also iOS and Android device.

With this level of efficiency, you will be able to carry out your work proficiently. Thanks to the high-grade aluminum, it looks impressive. On top of all, the manufacturer provides a dependable three-year limited warranty. Has your specific requirement found the right solid state drive for your macOS device?